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  Urban Twists

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Like City Twists, the sophisticated high fashion Urban Twists are also sexy, layered, and custom contoured to the bone structure of each unique face. They are fuller than city twists but are also very light weight, versatile and can be switched from trendy to corporate in a matter of minutes. They require absolutely no maintenance and can be washed weekly. Urban Twists will really make you think they're your own damn hair! The look is created with a high quality, custom made, natural hair imported from Korea, which along with our special technique, makes them very light on your head and therefore very healthy and un-straining to the hair follicles. And if you think that is exciting, wait until you experience the hair growth Urban Twists stimulate. They are put in tight enough to stimulate hair growth but not too tight, too small, or too heavy to break hair. Now it is obvious that we put great importance on "the look", but more importantly to us, is the health of your hair. Thus, our urban twist technique is a NO BREAKAGE, NO HAIR LOSS technique. Instead, it STRENGTHENS WEAK HAIR, REVITALIZES DAMAGED HAIR, GROWS BACK BALD EDGES and THICKENS THIN HAIR. If you think this is too good to be true, then you should just stop reading immediatly because there's more! Urban Twists can be done on both natural or permed hair and are perfect for the transitioning stage, as that is hair's most difficult and fragile stage. They are a great option for transitioning hair as they greatly stimulate hair growth. Because they can be washed as often as weekly, they allow your natural hair to remain moisturized, which is an absolute necessity for natural and transitioning hair. Not only does this magic hairdo stay intact when washed, but like fine wine becomes more beautiful with age. Ladies can you say DAMN! Urban Twists can even be manipulated and customized by length, fullness, thickness, or look of hairstyle to suite each unique clients bone structure, personality and lifestyle. But Wait! You are not ready for this one! Because the # 1 priority of our hair services is the health and growth of your hair, we have created a technique to achieve color & highlights without processing not one inch of your hair. We do so by custom blending different colors of the extensions and using your hair (regardless of how dark) as our base color, to achieve lighter color, streaks or highlights. Ladies, Urban twists are serious! Hence the reason we have clients flying in from California, New York, Alaska, and even Europe just to get our Twists and fly out. Not only do we show you how to style the twists in 1-minute updos with no clips and no pins, but we also provide twists concierge services - complimentary updo's as often as you would like for the the life-span of your twists. Don't waste money trying to have 13 other people fail at trying to replicate this style. We created it. It is in the technique. It is in the hair. It is the feeling. It is in the damn salon. So ladies, treat yourselves. Come and get urban twisted out!
  • Best Protective Style
  • Layered & Custom contoured to face and bone structure
  • Natural High-Quality imported hair
  • NO Maintenance Hairstyle
  • Healthy & Growth Stimulating
  • Light, Bouncy, and not straining to hair follicles
  • Great for transitioning

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